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Deep relaxation in every float
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Experience Float Therapy in Hong Kong

Floating is a rejuvenating practice where you float effortlessly in a pod filled with warm Epsom salt water. The floatation tank can provide you with a sensory deprivation experience, so you can relax, disconnect from the outside world and focus on your inner self.

Experience weightlessness as you float in a saltwater isolation tank, relieving stress and enhancing mental clarity through sensory deprivation.

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Float CO serving Hong Kong since 2015

Life can be hectic and overwhelming sometimes, but floating is a powerful and therapeutic tool to gain clarity and be able to make conscious choices as we flow through life.

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We share a passion for self-care and holistic health. If you value mental health and understand the benefits of setting aside time for yourself every month for a regular reset and rejuvenation, our membership is for you.

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Float regularly to discover the compounding benefits
Aaron James
“Without a doubt one of the best investments you can make in your Mind, Body, and Spirit. The perfect balm for your well being in a chaotic world. Great location conveniently located right off the Mid-Levels escalator on Caine Road. Friendly, knowledgable staff, and lovely atmosphere. Very highly recommended!”
Ryan Salame
“Amazing experience. Felt very friendly and will definitely bring friends. I plan to be a long-term customer!”
Berton Chang
“The mind and body aren't always synchronized and a float, which is somewhat similar to mediating within a infinitely soft bed, regenerates me with a 60-minute window. Lights on or off, I'm now a strong advocate of shutting off the lights now is the way to switch it all off and get the noise out. Enjoy!”
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