Members Perks/benefits

Easy recurring payment from your credit card
Free session on your birthday
Enjoy priority booking
Bring a new friend every cycle to enjoy a free member’s accompanied session

• For float therapy: You can choose to book 2 single person pods or 1 couple pod
• For cold plunge: Bring a friend with you for the same session

Book an extra session at your same membership price
Free access to 60-min Dreamscape or Solfeggio frequencies soundtracks (Float only)
Pause for future cycles if needed


float therapy membership

1 float per month

2 floats per month

4 floats per month*




Enjoy 10% off your Float Therapy membership
when you float on weekdays before 3pm. Click here

COLD plunge membership

1 CP per week*

3 CP per week*



float therapy + cold plunge membership

1 float + 4 CP per month*

2 floats + 4 CP per month*



Starting before 3pm on weekdays (excluding public holidays)

1 float+ 4 CP per month*

2 floats + 4 CP per month*



Cancel anytime after 6 months
*Billing every 28 days.

Our member’s stories

For our members who choose to float regularly, they see the value of doing it for their well-being, whether it is for mental clarity, stress relief, deep meditation practice, recovery, and more.

Float regularly to discover the compounding benefits
Aaron James
“Without a doubt one of the best investments you can make in your Mind, Body, and Spirit. The perfect balm for your well being in a chaotic world. Great location conveniently located right off the Mid-Levels escalator on Caine Road. Friendly, knowledgable staff, and lovely atmosphere. Very highly recommended!”
Ryan Salame
“Amazing experience. Felt very friendly and will definitely bring friends. I plan to be a long-term customer!”
Berton Chang
“The mind and body aren't always synchronized and a float, which is somewhat similar to mediating within a infinitely soft bed, regenerates me with a 60-minute window. Lights on or off, I'm now a strong advocate of shutting off the lights now is the way to switch it all off and get the noise out. Enjoy!”