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Sensory Deprivation Float Therapy in Hong Kong

Silence the noise. Find your float.

Stress reduction & relaxation
Pain relief & muscle recovery
Improved sleep & well-being
Boosted mood & reduced anxiety

Experience the Transformative Benefits of Floatation Therapy for Holistic Wellness

Melt Away Stress & Find Your Zen

Float weightlessly, free from distractions, and let go of stress and tension.

Unlock Your Mind's Full Potential

Experience a state of deep focus and clarity as your mind explores new possibilities.

Restore & Revitalise Your Whole Being

Promote physical recovery, reduce pain, improve sleep, and experience profound rejuvenation.
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Why float therapy?

An evidence-based approach to improving mental wellbeing

Numerous studies show float therapy significantly reduces anxiety, improves sleep, and alleviates depression symptoms by inducing a deep relaxed state. This sensory deprivation technique simulates meditation, increasing mindfulness and regulating neurotransmitters for enhanced mental well-being.

Learn more about the science
  • Reduction in anxiety amongst individuals suffering from burnout

  • Improved sleep quality in individuals with a regular float therapy practice

  • Increased feelings of happiness and serenity

Your float journey

A step-by-step guide to relaxation.
isolation tank for float therapy at float co hong kong
Step 1)
Enter the private float suite
a woman looking outside the sensory deprivation tank at float co hong kong
Step 3)
Shower and step into the warm, Epsom salt infused water inside the isolation tank
a woman floating in epsom salt water doing float therapy at float co hong kong
Step 4)
Float effortlessly in complete silence & darkness (optional lights & audio tracks)
a woman relaxing inside a sensory deprivation tank at float co hong kong
Step 5)
Relax and let go of stress
a woman writing while sitting on a couch after a float therapy session
Step 6)
Leave the float tank to shower, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated
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Loved by 200+ happy clients
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Benjamin Po
It was a wonderful experience from entry to exit. I felt very welcome and was not intimidated at all as a first-time “floater”. The instructions given to me were super clear and the facilities were super clean so I felt very comfortable. The floating itself is definitely a unique experience and I would highly recommend it for those who want to try and those who just want to relax. Would definitely do it again!
Roy Kwong
The first time I entered, the atmosphere here already gave me a sense of peace. With the attentive guidance of the staff, I began the process of trying flotation. The effects are truly very good! As someone who often seeks places for meditation, the flotation therapy here will help you reach a deeper state of meditation more quickly.
Edmund Chan
I have been a loyal customer for 5+ years. I've subscribed to the monthly float package and it's really changed my life. Plus the flexibility around timing and booking is a big benefit and helps with ensuring that I continue. The team at Float On are the most friendliest bunch of people as well - Ciaran has great insights to share about floating and is always willing to share thoughts/experiences. I recommend this to anyone as it really is something that has helped me tremendously from a mindset perspective!

Float Therapy Membership Options

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1 Float

Single Pod
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  • 60 mins float
  • Arrive 30 mins before
  • Guidance from our team
  • Showers & changing room access
  • Post-float complimentary herbal tea
a woman relaxing and floating in her isolation pod filled with saltwater at float co hong kong


3x Float Sessions
(1 person, valid for 1 month)
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5x Float Sessions
(Sharable, valid for 12 months)
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10x Float Sessions
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  • Perfect for beginners
  • Use within 30 days
  • Book via website or app
    Showers & changing room access
    Post-float complimentary herbal tea

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The Float Co Difference

State-of-the-art sensory deprivation tanks

Spa-inspired tranquility and amenities
Experienced and friendly staff
Convenient location in hong kong

Our story

In 2015, Float Co. was born as a dream, and it continues to thrive as a beacon of serenity for the mindful explorers of Hong Kong. As Ciaran drifted into the serenity of floating, he felt a newfound sense of clarity.

Floating is so simple yet powerful. By stepping back and giving ourselves the time to tune in, it helps us to see things in new perspectives, gain clarity and be able to make conscious choices.

About Us
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