Float therapy In Hong Kong

What is floating?

Float Therapy, also known as sensory deprivation or restricted environmental stimulation therapy (REST), is a practice that allows you to “switch off” all the stimulation of the outside world.

The floatation Therapy Experience

It involves lying in 10 inches of warm water with 500 kg of Epsom Salts dissolved in it. It creates enough buoyancy for anyone to float effortlessly, all the forces of gravity on the body disappear. The water, the air, and skin are the same temperature so, when the water settles, you don’t feel it anymore.

By reducing external stimulation your nervous system stops reacting to the surroundings and has an opportunity to rejuvenate and repair the body from the inside. The effects of stress are reversed. By flicking the switch to turn off the outside world, your body enters into the perfect environment to regenerate. It is also a great tool that allows people to take a step back from their daily life and gain a new perspective.

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Health Benefits of floating

Boost immunity
Sleep improvement
Stress relief
Improved mental health
Digital detox
Mental clarity
Athletic recovery
Deep relaxation
Enhance creativity


Float therapy (60 mins)

Single Pod Float

Couple Pod Float (2 persons)




float therapy (60 Mins)

Starter Pack 3 in 1 month (1 person)

Sharable Pack 5 in 12 months

Sharable Pack 10 in 12 months





Float therapy Membership

1 float per month

2 floats per month

4 floats per month*




Float therapy Membership (10% Off)

Float before 3pm on weekdays (excluding public holidays)

1 float per month

2 floats per month

4 floats per month*




Cancel anytime after 6 months
*Billing every 28 days.

3 Pillars of Floating

Senses break
Every second, our senses take in 11,000,000 bits of information. Cutting the sensory input for just 1 hour can give your brain a break from the over stimulated environment of todays world .
Magnesium is a mineral that is essential for health and up to 70% of people don’t have enough in their body. Floating in 500kg of Epsom Salt (Magnesium sulphate) can give you the boost you need and help with a host of heath benefits including, better sleep, pain relief and a mood boost
Gravity is a constant force on our body. Giving yourself a break from gravity allows your muscles and soft tissue to relax and release tension that you build up over time.
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Sensory deprivation float pods

We house 3 single-person float pods (Room 1, 2, 3) and 1 couple pod (Room 4).

float pod
float pod

New to Floating

Your body and mind are adapting to an entirely new and unfamiliar sensation. It could take a few floats to get used to it.


A committed series of initial visits will help you to experience float therapy on a deeper level. Most people begin with our Starter Pack (3 floats in 1 month) or read more on our beginner guide.

We provide all necessities including shower gel, towels, earplugs, makeup remover, hairdryers, lotion, and more. You will have your own room with a private showering area, also floating nude will give you the best experience, therefore swimsuits will not be required.

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Float therapy Process

Book online or with the team
Arrive 30 mins before your float time
Float intro with your friendly float guide
60 mins float
Enjoy your post-float time with complimentary tea

Make yourself comfortable

While the pod is capable of providing you with a sensory deprivation experience.
You could customise the settings to make yourself enjoyable and comfortable the most too:

Pod light button to turn the lights on or off anytime, or stay in your preferred colour
Pod lid available to open and close anytime (or half-open)
Music settings. Keep our preset, or communicate with the team to select a different soundtrack and duration
Warmer water or cooler water, requests need to be made in advance
Air conditioning option
Extra float support, including float noodles or extra head support
Different earplugs
Set your preferred colours for your ceiling light

Explore & enhance

Once you get familiar with floating, there is a whole new world for you to explore. These are some tips from our regular floaters that would help you to enhance your practice.

Float tank Audio

Depending on your mood, you can select any music with your preferred duration (most favourited are our Solfeggio frequencies), or to pick a 60 mins guided Dreamscapes.

If you want to fully disconnect from external stimuli, you can request for silence too. Simply let us know and we can keep the same setting for all your future floats.

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Time of day

It is good to experiment to see what works best for yourself.

Morning float
A great routine to start your day with a positive tone. You might find yourself more energized, productive and making better decisions with a clear mind for the rest of your day.
Afternoon Float
Afternoon slump is a normal response to your circadian rhythm, it can cause mood swings and loss of focus especially at work. Schedule an afternoon float to take a break and reset.
Evening float
Great space to wind down after a long day, it can be particularly introspective too. For people who are struggling with sleep, it helps to prepare you for a restful night by calming your mind and body.
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Our standard float is 60 minutes. A longer float, e.g. 120 minutes, is worth exploring as it allows more time for your mind and body to reach a deeper state of relaxation and may have a greater impact in terms of increased mental clarity and physical relief. For people who enjoy meditation, a longer float can help enhance the greater sense of tranquility and peace too.

We host an overnight float event periodically which takes your float practice to a whole new level too (only for experienced members).

Maximizing the Benefits

Review and refresh
If you are a regular, it can be easy to get stuck and approach each float in the same way. It is good to mix things up from time to time to keep it fresh. Try experimenting with different audios, rooms, and times of the day, or even add some movement. Great to approach each float with a sense of curiosity, you may be surprised at the new insights that arise and see where it takes you.
Floating promotes self-reflection and creativity. After your float, get a cup of tea and take a few minutes to jot down or doodle any thoughts, emotions, or insights that arise during the session. It helps to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and you can keep track of how your floats progress over time too.
Mindfulness exercises
There are many exercises to explore and can complement your float practice, including breathwork, body scan, meditation, visualization, gratitude exercise, manifestation, sensory exploration and mindful movement in the water. Setting an intention before each of your floats can be a powerful way and allow yourself to fully engage with the experience too.

Set up a recurring float

A great way to ensure that you never miss a float and avoid the stress of scheduling last minute. By committing to a regular schedule, you are making floating a part of your self-care routine. Simply set up your recurring float easily online or with us.

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