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Ice Bath & Cold Plunge Therapy in Hong Kong

Supercharge your energy & performance

Boost energy levels & focus
Enhance athletic recovery
Improve mood & mental clarity

Experience the life-changing benefits of cold plunge therapy

Awaken Your Inner Energy & Vitality

Immerse yourself in icy water to stimulate your body's natural healing processes, boost energy levels, and enhance overall well-being.

Fortify Your Defenses Against Stress & Illness

Cold water immersion activates your immune system, reduces inflammation, and helps your body adapt to stress for improved resilience.

Recover Faster, Perform Stronger

Cold plunge therapy can accelerate muscle recovery, reduce soreness, and improve athletic performance for optimal physical function.
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Why Cold Plunge?

Scientifically-proven benefits for your wellbeing.

Studies reveal that cold plunges possess the ability to alleviate inflammation, soothe muscle soreness, and elevate your mood and focus. The cycle of cooling and warming during a cold plunge can also enhance your circulation and offer promising metabolic advantages.

Learn more about the science
  • Reduction in fatigue amongst individuals who frequently practice cold water immersion

  • Increase in dopamine levels and noradrenaline which contribute to increased motivation, focus and alertness

  • Fewer respiratory infections and improved immunity amongst cold water swimmers

Your Path to Invigoration starts here

A step-by-step guide to embracing the cold.
a woman preparing for her cold plunge pool therapy at float co hong kong
Step 1)
Enter the private cold bath area
a man preparing for his ice bath therapy in float co hong kong
Step 2)
Prepare your body & mind (optional breathwork)
a woman smiling and about to dip in her ice bath at float co hong kong
Step 3)
Dip into the cold water
a woman submerged in ice cold plunge pool therapy at float co hong kong
Step 4)
Embrace the initial shock, focus on your breath
a man submerged in an ice bath therapy in hong kong at float co
Step 5)
Remain in the tub for up to 2 minutes at a time
a man and a woman talking outside the cold plunge therapy area
Step 6)
Exit and feel revitalised, warm up gradually
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Loved by 200+ happy clients
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Natalie Leung
My first ice bath was incredible! Ciaran took us through a great breathwork session to get us started then I went in for the plunge- twice!

Great facilities, coaching and wonderful session with Ciaran. Will definitely come again!
Alan Scanlan
Loved the float and a ice bath after. The team and service was amazing, all round super experience, excited to get back!
Steven Do
Tried the Cold Water Therapy and had a great first time experience. Ciaran guided through with breathing exercises and calmed the nerves to make the challenge enjoyable. Would recommend!

Cold Plunge Membership Options

Make Cold Plunge a Regular Ritual for Optimal Health
a woman preparing to dip in her ice bath therapy at float co hong kong

1 Cold Plunge

Single Cold Plunge (30 mins)
Couple Cold Plunge (30 mins)
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  • Introduction from our team
  • Arrive 15 mins before
  • Towels & changing room
  • Post-float complimentary herbal tea
a man relaxing inside an ice bath therapy at float co

Starter Packs

Pack of 4 Cold Plunges
(Valid for 1 month)
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Pack of 10 Cold Plunges
(Valid for 6 months)
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Best Value
  • Perfect for beginners
  • One purchase only per customer
  • Book via website or app
    Post-float complimentary herbal tea

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two men discussing the ice bath therapy at float co

The Float Co Ice Bath Advantage

Precisely controlled water temperature

Clean, hygienic facilities & convenient (no need to buy ice)
Guidance from knowledgeable staff
Additional amenities (float therapy, changing room, towels, tea)

Our story

In 2015, Float Co. was born as a dream, and it continues to thrive as a beacon of serenity for the mindful explorers of Hong Kong. As Ciaran drifted into the serenity of floating, he felt a newfound sense of clarity.

Floating is so simple yet powerful. By stepping back and giving ourselves the time to tune in, it helps us to see things in new perspectives, gain clarity and be able to make conscious choices.

About Us
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