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sTart Floating

Your body and mind are adapting to an entirely new and unfamiliar sensation. It could take a few floats to get used to it. To start with, we recommend experiencing 3 floats in 1 month to try out and discover your float preference. With practice and repetition, it becomes easier and more enjoyable. You could then decide if floating is a beneficial addition to your self-care routine.

Feel free to share your experience with our float guide. There is a lot we could do to customize the best environment for your future floats, including music, temperature, different advice to float, and more.

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1st to 3rd float

1st Float
For many people, the first float can be a unique and unfamiliar experience. The sensation of floating in water without any external stimuli can be disorienting at first, especially when adjusting to a new environment. If there is always tension in your body, you might also experience some physical discomfort in the beginning as your body learns to fully relax and surrender to the water. As the float progresses, you should begin to feel more comfortable and at ease. Some people experience a deep sense of peace and calmness, while others describe feeling a heightened awareness of their body and mind.
2nd Float
As your body and mind become familiar with the float session, you should feel more at ease and comfortable floating. You may notice a deeper sense of physical relaxation as your body tunes in to the float environment more fully, and that your mind is more focused on your inner sensations, rather than anticipating what's coming next in the session. Some people feel more connected to their inner selves and experience a greater sense of clarity and insight."
3rd Float
By the third float, many people have adapted to the float environment and can quickly enter a state of deeper consciousness. Your body could be more responsive to the experience. You may also begin to notice some of the long-term benefits of float therapy, such as reduced stress, improved sleep, and increased mental clarity.
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