New to Floating

Your body and mind are adapting to an entirely new and unfamiliar sensation. It could take a few floats to get used to it.

Beginning Phase
(1st to 3rd float)

If you are new to floating, we recommend starting with a minimum of 3 floats in 1 month. From our experience, it usually take at least a few floats in the beginning for people to adapt to the entirely new and unfamiliar sensation, and to experience float therapy on a deeper level.

With a committed series of initial visits, your body and mind start to build memory and trust with the float environment, allowing you to melt into deeper states after each float. After your initial series of floats, you can adjust your float frequency based on your needs.

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Float therapy Process

Book online or with the team
Arrive 30 mins before your float time
Float intro with your friendly float guide
60 mins float
Enjoy your post-float time with complimentary tea

Make yourself comfortable

While the pod is capable of providing you with a sensory deprivation experience.
You could customise the settings to make yourself enjoyable and comfortable the most too:

Pod light button to turn the lights on or off anytime, or stay in your preferred colour
Pod lid available to open and close anytime (or half-open)
Music settings. Keep our preset, or communicate with the team to select a different soundtrack and duration
Warmer water or cooler water, requests need to be made in advance
Air conditioning option
Extra float support, including float noodles or extra head support
Different earplugs
Set your preferred colours for your ceiling light
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